I feel sadness inside me

I feel sadness inside me
As my world is upside down
Darkness engulfs me in despair
As shadows of death looms everywhere
Destruction is imminent
Gunfire is felt across the world
As murder is prevalent
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An Ode to Love


Love resides in the temple of a loving heart,
Both they live together in a room very small,
Eat, drink, dance, play and pray.
Like birds, lilies, sing prayer in silence calm.
When divine romance starts, light shines,
Soul baths in love, spiritual discourses start.
When fiery desire of love illumines the shrine,
Dressed up in a beggars’rags, lover sings under stars.
No one can slay love, none can burn love,
No one can drown love, none can destroy love.
O love ! Birds with broken wings cannot understand you.
O dream! Wanderers of barren fields don’t know you.
O soul! Kissing lips touch and depart,
Lovers’ names remain eternal on lips by far!

Submitted By: Matloob Bokhari

Jafa Yaad Karen Ge

Yaron K Sitam Un Ki Jafa Yaad Karen Ge

Ab Zulm-e-Dosti Ki Saza Yaad Karen Ge

Kabhi Bhol Kr B Naam Na Len Gy Wafa Ka

Esi Chot Lagi Hy K Sada Yaad Karen Gy

Submitted By: Arslan Aslam