Love is a rose

Love is a rose that blooms in spring
A warmth that spreads throughout the heart
It’s a feeling that makes everything
Seem like a brand new start

Love is a song that’s always playing
A melody that never ends
It’s a bond that’s worth the waiting
For it’s where true happiness begins

Love is a light that shines so bright
Guiding us through the darkest days
It’s a beacon of hope and insight
That helps us find our way

Love is a treasure worth discovering
A gift that’s worth the giving
For it’s in love that we find true meaning
And a life worth living.

Please don’t tell me not to cry – Poems


Please don’t tell me not to cry
Please don’t way there was a reason why
You don’t know what I am feeling
Or how much I hurt
The wet spots are from tears on the collar of this shirt
You think I should go on with life
Forget about it and be strong
But deep down I am sad, and I don’t want to go along
I don’t expect you to understand why
For no apparent reason I break down and start to cry
My life has changed forever, you see
And that is why I am not acting like the same ole me
So please don’t try to act like nothing happened
Because it’s changed my life forever
I will never be the same again
Not today, not tommorrow, but never
The best thing you can do for me is just be there
Just like always, my friend
My broken heart is hurting bad
And it wll never mend

I feel sadness inside me

I feel sadness inside me
As my world is upside down
Darkness engulfs me in despair
As shadows of death looms everywhere
Destruction is imminent
Gunfire is felt across the world
As murder is prevalent
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Slippery steps
Narrow pathway to
She sits.
Rigid and unmoving
Corrupted absolutely.
Compassion diluted
In arrogance.
God’s name
Etched into
Her skin
Aren’t tattoos
A sin.
Bloody and weary
Tainted soul
Slumped over across,
Fading away.
Empty gaze
Cruel and black
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On the coming of your memory

The thunderstorms of your memories:
Quiver the ground of my heart virtually;
It never set me free to live independently,
From the cage, where I am living for centuries.

I neither of can hide and escape:
Myself from its flow ;
Which is running under-mine!
It all the time makes me feel very low.

My soul gets writhe in the longing of the past days
But my heart and brain don’t want mercy pays:
Somehow, I know I have nothing certainly,
But the memories for spending my life lonely.
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I cried today

I cried today
I cried today, I can’t tell you why
This pain that I bare i’ll have till I die
My eyes they sting, my vision is a blur
Oh what I’d give to find an eternal cure
At night I think how is this fair
I feel I’m here only because I’m told that they care
But when I’m down I feel so alone
Even in this house, I think it’s called home
And when the night falls, I lay in my bed,
With no one beside me, just the thoughts in my head
I will for a day that that this torture would end,
That I would wake and not have to pretend
My past it still haunts me, my present is the same,
What future can I have, all I do seems in vain
But i’ll pick myself up, i’ll continue this role
these thoughts won’t define me,
i’ll play the starring role

Lover’s Commitment | English Poems

I can say i love you in so many ways
But none is clearer than committing my days
To the one who is dearest and closest to my heart
On this day i promise you that we will never part