Main Nahi Manta By Habib Jalib


Wo Bi Khayif Nahi Takhta-e Dar Se
Mai Bi Mansoor Hoon Keh Do Aghayar Se
Kun Darate Ho Zindan Ki Deewar Se
Zulm Ki Baat Ku Jahl Ki Raat Ku
Main Nahi Manta Main Nahi Janta

Tum Ne Loota Hai Sadyon Hmara Sukoon
Ab Na Ham Par Chale Ga Tumhara Fasoon
Chara Gar Main Tumhain Kis Tarah Se Kahon
Main Nahi Manta Main Nahi Janta

Deep Jis Ka Mahlaat Main Hi Jale
Chand Logo Ki Khushiyon Ko Le Kar Chale
Wo Jo Saye Main Har Maslihat Ke Play

Aese Dastoor Ko Subah-e Be Noor Ku
Main Nahi Manta Main Nahi Janta

Poet: Habib Jalib

Staring at you Pictures | Death Poems


I’m looking at my child, a picture in a photo album,
Gathered memories, pictures with tears upon them.

God came and took you who made my life complete,
And all that’s left are pictures, and an empty seat.

I also have a feeling deep down within my heart,
It’s the pain of emptiness, since we’ve been apart.

I try not to let the grief and sorrow overcome my day.
I’ll blow a kiss to heaven and send it on its way.

I’m living with a heavy heart feeling all so blue.
Asking God to take me up, so I can fly with you.

I’m waiting for the day you come calling out my name,
Until then I’ll be staring at your pictures, life will never be the same.