I’ve fallen for it….
did yew ever?!….
felt heart-numbness??…
i’m witnessin’ it,….
it cant be compared less
than the vows of abyss….
i get it…love is a light ray
in the pits of darkness
but it effect like steroid…
it makes you feel stronger
but sooner or later,
it kills you like a hater
‘n dead men tells no tale…
they ended,being a victim of this mere love
love is difficult n effective…
but its real,just a lil’ much absurd
confronted by hatred…
all i see is abyss blood
solitude neve’ bothered me n
the monster livin’ inside
i’m levitating like a bird…
like a bird inside an emotion’s cage…
Neve’ knew this me,i guess
my feelings are at war,
t’is called,heart numbness…
n I’m witnessin’ it!!
can i ever get out?!….
wit’ hope i fought…
could i ever get that throne
of hapiness,i guess maybe not…
but i do know,its worth fighting for…
on the road of carnage,i see a flash
its….its …..its death itself…
i wont flee perhaps em afraid….
let it be,i’m ready to fade away….
darkness neve’ teased my peace anyway…

Submitted By: Zaiff


Ye Acha Hoa Ke Qudrat Ne Rangeen Nahi Rakhe Aansoo
Warna Jis Ke Daman Pe Girte Wo To Badnaam Ho Jata


Ishq Ke Medan Mein Dore To Nahi Thay
Ab Bi Gadhe Ho Pehle Bi Ghore Tu Nahi Thay
Office Be Lait Aye Ho Aur Kaan Bi Hai Laal
Begham Ne Raat Ko Kaan Marore Tu Nahi Thay
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Tasawwar Me Chale Aate To Tumhara Kya Bigar Jata.
Tmhe Parda Bhi Rah Jata Mjhe Didar Bhi Ho Jata.

Submitted By: azeez

Umar Itni To Ata Kr Mere Fun Ko KHALIQ….
Mere Dushman Bhi Mere Marne Ki Khabar Ko Tarse….

Submitted By: AHMAR


Ham Bawafa Thay Is Liye Nazron Se Gir Gaye
Shayad Usay Talash Kisi Bewafa Ki Thi


Dil Ki Tarf Dimagh Se Wo Aane Wala Hai
Ye Bi Makan Hath Se Ab Jane Wala Hai

Ik Lehar Si Us Ki Aankh Mein Hai Hosla Shikan
Ik Rang Hai Us Ke Chehre Pe Behkane Wala Hai

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Darta Hun Pagal Hi Na Kar Dalain
Raat, Sumandar, Chand, Safar Aur Ye Khamoshi

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