Anjam-wafa-kya hai socha nahi karte.
momin kabhi halat se sauda nahi karte.
ye hausla sikhaya hai din-e-islam ne.
sar sajde me ho to talwar ki parwah nahi karte

Submitted By: mdarmanhussain

Please don’t tell me not to cry – Poems


Please don’t tell me not to cry
Please don’t way there was a reason why
You don’t know what I am feeling
Or how much I hurt
The wet spots are from tears on the collar of this shirt
You think I should go on with life
Forget about it and be strong
But deep down I am sad, and I don’t want to go along
I don’t expect you to understand why
For no apparent reason I break down and start to cry
My life has changed forever, you see
And that is why I am not acting like the same ole me
So please don’t try to act like nothing happened
Because it’s changed my life forever
I will never be the same again
Not today, not tommorrow, but never
The best thing you can do for me is just be there
Just like always, my friend
My broken heart is hurting bad
And it wll never mend

Captivate me, Dazzle me

Captivate me, Dazzle me
Fill me with awe of Your Splendor.
Capture me, Enrapture me
Let me be consumed with Your Grandeur.
Set your eyes upon me
Win me and make me Yours.

Amaze me, Astound me
Give me a fear of your otherness
Enthrall me, Engross me,
Mesmerize me with your Matchlessness.
Soon much bigger, and better, and brighter than me
Blow me away with Your Magnificence.

Marvel me, Wow me
Let my eyes, on You alone, gaze.
You a Lovely King, i a mere rat
Yet, let me find, in you, my place.
Train me, Instruct me
Teach me Your Ways.

Gul Bhi Thay Khush Posh Rahay


Rang Nikhre Tu Sabhi Gul Bi Thay Kush Posh Rhe
Mehki Fazaon Mai Yun Hwaon Ke Ham Dosh Rhe

Lamhe Thay Qaid Tere Lehje Ki Khanak Ko Sun Kar
Ham Bi Thay Mast Aur Srapa Hma Tan Gosh Rhe

Kuch Halat Bi Mwafaq Thay K Jazbe Thay Jwan
Ham Bi Azhar Ke In Lamhon Mai Thay Pur Josh Rhe

Alfaz Ruk Jayen Jo Agar Aankhon Ko Sukhn War Dekhein
Soch Par Pehre Lge Aur Ham Bi Thay Khamosh Rhe

Mere Jazbon Ki Sadaqat Pe Na Koi Harf Aye
Dil Ke Jor Raz The Wo Sene Mai Hi Roposh RHe

Submitted By: Shabeeb