This Feeling Called Grief

This heartache this sadness
this feeling of pain
to think I’ll never hear your voice
or see your face again

The loneliness without you
is beyond belief
I can’t come to terms with
this feeling called grief

It’s so hard to describe just how I feel
without you beside me
time has only stood still

I sit for hours in your favourite chair
talk to your photo
wishing you were there

I touch your clothes & start to weep
I hug your pillow
& try to sleep

Life must go on
I suppose it’s true
but a day doesn’t pass
without thinking of you

To treasure your memory
I must carry on
but nothing else matters
now that you’ve gone.
Submitted By: PAUL BROWN

Barish Ki Taiz Boondon Ne

Barish Ki Taiz Boondon Ne Jab Dastak Di Darwaze Par
Mehsoos Huwa Tum Aaye Ho, Andaz Tumhare Jaisa Tha

Hawa Ke Halke Jhonke Ki Jab Aahat Huwi Khirki Par
Mehsoos Huwa Tum Aaye Ho, Andaz Tumhare Jaisa Tha

Main Tanha Chala Jab Barish Mein, Ek Jhonke Ne Mera Saath Diya
Main Samjha Tum Ho Saath Mere, Ehsaas Tumhare Jaisa Tha

Phir Ruk Gayi Woh Barish Bhi, Rahi Na Baqi Aahat Bhi
Main Samjha Mujhe Tum Chhor Gaye, Andaz Tumhare Jaisa Tha

Submitted By: Irfan niz