Fire and Ice


Some say the world will end in fire;
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to persih twice,
I think i know enough of hate
To Know that for destruction ice
is also great and would suffice.

Yun Hi Intezaar Karta Raha


Yun Hi Intezaar Karta Raha Aur Waqt Dhalta Raha
Mere Intezaar Ka Soraj Har Lamha Pigalta Raha

Tay Tu Ye Hua Tha Ke Payen Ge Aik Hi Manzal
Bech Rah Main Wo Mukr Gaya Suye Manzal Main Chalta Raha

Kabi Us Ke Liye Hans Diye Kabi Us Ke Liye Ro Diye
Wo Khud Ko Tu Na Badal Saka Bas Muj Ko Hi Badalta Raha

Ab Tak Kese Chup Raha Ye Mat Poch Majid
Waqt Muje Behlata Raha Or Main Behlta Raha

I think of you – Love Poems


With the start of each new day
I find myself thinking of you
In the middle of my busy day
my mind wanders and i think of you
Out of nowhere i see your smile
hear your laugh and i think of you
Life is beautiful now because i fall in love
all over again each line i think of you

Na Tha Kuch Tu Khuda Tha


Na Tha Kuch Tu Khuda Tha, Kuch Na Hota Tu Khuda Hota
Dboya Muj Ko Hone Ne, Na Hota Main Tu Kya Hota

Hoa Jab Gham Se Yun Behis Tu Gham Kia Sar Ke Ketne Ka
Na Hota Gar Guda Tan Se Tu Zano Par Dhara Hota

Hoi Mudat Ke Ghalib Mar Gya, Par Yad Aata Hai
Wo Har Ik Baat Pe Kehna Ke Yun Hota Tu Kya Hota

You tell me that you love me

english poems best

You tell me that you love me
You tell me that you wont leave me
But you turn around n do it anyways

Now i’m crying my heart out
Hoping you would hear me
But you just ignore my painful cry

Each n everyday passes by
I fake a smile to the world
But underneith my smile
Is my broken heart

All the good memories you gave me
Is all i have left of you
But its slowly fading away
As time goes by everyday
But will i get over you?