Captivate me, Dazzle me

Captivate me, Dazzle me
Fill me with awe of Your Splendor.
Capture me, Enrapture me
Let me be consumed with Your Grandeur.
Set your eyes upon me
Win me and make me Yours.

Amaze me, Astound me
Give me a fear of your otherness
Enthrall me, Engross me,
Mesmerize me with your Matchlessness.
Soon much bigger, and better, and brighter than me
Blow me away with Your Magnificence.

Marvel me, Wow me
Let my eyes, on You alone, gaze.
You a Lovely King, i a mere rat
Yet, let me find, in you, my place.
Train me, Instruct me
Teach me Your Ways.

Ceasing Bolshie


Ye are stubborn, me a lover
Ye are candle with blazing wick
Me a moth in thy love sick
l’m blazed ye blaze ’tis a fame
Let’s see who wins the game

Ye are proud of thy splendor
Me finds my love everything
It is the slave, it is the king
Trial me, trial thee do claim
Let’s see who wins the game

Ye scare of unrolling disgrace
Me shock of thy severance
Ye lack means of love thence
My nerves are out of frame
Let’s see who wins the game

If my leaving soul leave its place
d live in the vale of thy heart
And no more it would be apart
To you then my love’l claim
Let’s see who wins the game

When the shade of thy bolshie
Would lose its long long length
And cease mighty raging strength
Say then the winning name
And see who wins the game

Anjum Aziz Abbas

I can’t let you go


I can’t let you go, you’r stuck in my heart
I’ll follow you, where ever you want me
You were always there, from the very start
When I’m with you, I can finally see
As I sleep a peaceful dream, I think of you.
I won’t shed my tears, for I am always smiling
The love we created, is a thing couples do.
For every kiss, I feel like I’m flying
Whenever I see you, I feel so shy.
But these feelings I have, feels so right.
I thank my lords, high in the sky
Happy to hear your voice, once a night.

More dear than you


We sometimes get so busy
That we may not make a fuss
About the ones we care for
And who mean so much to us
You can be sure you’re thought about
And loved a whole lot too.
Because there could never be
Anyone more dear than you.

Let me love you


Please let me love you
Lonely heart, do not run
I am beside you
You hide your wounds
As if I will fear them
Let me kiss them
And cry for you
Just let me love you
I won’t flinch or run
When will you learn, love
That I am here to stay
Let me love you
As freely as you are
Let us be together
Here, now, and forever