Captivate me, Dazzle me

Captivate me, Dazzle me
Fill me with awe of Your Splendor.
Capture me, Enrapture me
Let me be consumed with Your Grandeur.
Set your eyes upon me
Win me and make me Yours.

Amaze me, Astound me
Give me a fear of your otherness
Enthrall me, Engross me,
Mesmerize me with your Matchlessness.
Soon much bigger, and better, and brighter than me
Blow me away with Your Magnificence.

Marvel me, Wow me
Let my eyes, on You alone, gaze.
You a Lovely King, i a mere rat
Yet, let me find, in you, my place.
Train me, Instruct me
Teach me Your Ways.

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