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Love the one who loves you not
Hate not the one who hates you ever
As love molds the heartless one
and vanish away the sour from the heart
and gives a reason to live a merry life…

Submitted By: yaseen aamir baig

Once,I felt a gentle touch on my heart,
THE descry of true love..A Blessing of GOD….
my senses ware dotaged in her pomade,
her eyes deadened my love for world…
Her visage usurped my flow,my heart,
her love dazzled my vivid hatred for world…

Once,I felt a gentle touch on ma heart,
THE descray ov true love…afterward,i was hurt…..
i was feriged,it wasn’t her,da anGel i loved…
Her Ignorance was a foray to my foothold,
after that,forbearance was da only ford,
i could hold n snatched back my sword…..

Submitted By: Zaiff

“First,there was nothing…
everything felt wrong…
despair was constant for me…
until you came along…
i was fallin’ in bleakness…
you caught me n lifted me
up from the pits of distress…
Finding it hard to carry on…
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I’ve fallen for it….
did yew ever?!….
felt heart-numbness??…
i’m witnessin’ it,….
it cant be compared less
than the vows of abyss….
i get it…love is a light ray
in the pits of darkness
but it effect like steroid…
it makes you feel stronger
but sooner or later,
it kills you like a hater
‘n dead men tells no tale…
they ended,being a victim of this mere love
love is difficult n effective…
but its real,just a lil’ much absurd
confronted by hatred…
all i see is abyss blood
solitude neve’ bothered me n
the monster livin’ inside
i’m levitating like a bird…
like a bird inside an emotion’s cage…
Neve’ knew this me,i guess
my feelings are at war,
t’is called,heart numbness…
n I’m witnessin’ it!!
can i ever get out?!….
wit’ hope i fought…
could i ever get that throne
of hapiness,i guess maybe not…
but i do know,its worth fighting for…
on the road of carnage,i see a flash
its….its …..its death itself…
i wont flee perhaps em afraid….
let it be,i’m ready to fade away….
darkness neve’ teased my peace anyway…

Submitted By: Zaiff

The Way You Make Me Feel Every Day,
Is More Then Any Words Can Say.
The Happiness You Bring To Me,
Is More Then Can Ever Be Seen.
Happiness Comes And Happiness Goes,
But My Love For You Just Grows And Grows.
I Get A Twinkle In My Eye
When I See The Most Beautiful Person,
Is Cause Of You, But Only I Know Why,
The Reason Is That I Love You,
Because Without You I Would Not Live

Submitted By: RizVi

Have you ever tried to cry
But there’s no tears left to shed
Have you ever seen the face of misery
Or looked into the eyes of dread
Have you ever gripped the pain
Cause it’s all that’s left to hold
Have you ever tried so hard to love
But found, your heart was just too cold
Have you ever just had to accept,
Your agony has no end
Have you ever been so desperate,
You’ve claimed the sorrow your best friend
Have you ever held hands with depression
Wept on the shoulder of fear
Have you ever reached out to emptiness
But there’s nothing to pull near.
Have you sobbed yourself to sleep
Anguish at the foot of your bed
Have you ever been shaken from your dream
To be thrown in a nightmare instead
Have you felt the cringe inside
Embraced by betrayal and hate
Have you ever then just had to dwell
In a world that terror creates
Have you ever been left empty
No Courage to unfold
If you’ve ever known the hurt
Then welcome to my world

Written by Shannen Wrass

Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

Pain became my friend today
She showed me how to hide
She’d been watching from a distance
Every tear I cried
Pain became my friend today
Reached out her hand to me
Then pulled me into darkness
Introducing misery
Pain became my friend today
She’s emptying my heart,
She’s now my constant companion
Tearing me apart
Pain became my friend today
She isolates my soul
Now without her I am nothing
In her I’m consoled
Pain became my friend today
Saw me kneel down and cry
Then she lay down right next to me
Kissed my joy good-bye
Pain became my friend today
Acquainted me with sorrow
Who showed me how to dwell in agony
And fear the break of tomorrow
Pain became my friend today
She’s making my heart cold
Pain became my friend today
The only hand I hold

Written by Shannen Wrass
Copyright © 1995 Shannen Wrass. All Rights Reserved

I call you honey
Because you’re so sweet
I call you angel
Because you’re so beautiful
I call you baby
Because you’re so huggable
I call you cutie
Because you’re the only one I notice
I call you my love
Because you fill my heart
I call you sunshine
Because you light up my life
I’d love to hear you call me Only Mine.

Submitted By: yousaf

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