The Dawn of Freedom (Subah-e Azadi)


Translated in English by Anjum Aziz Abbas

Submitted By: Anjum Aziz Abbas

Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s
The Dawn of Freedom
This murky dappled glow and smoky dawn
‘Tis not the same daybreak, we did wait
‘Tis not the desired crack, we travelled anon
To seek last goal of stars in sky’s deserted lawn

Somewhere the night of slow rippled pace
Would find the harbor soon or late
The liner of cloyed heart in search of solace
Somewhere would stay a suitable existing place

Walking the mysterious blood stunned roads
Many profane hands hoisted in this state
From the restless dormitory of Hellenic abodes
Openarms kept callingamid explodes

But the desire of seeing morning face did select
To step to the brink of dawn at any rate
We’re in the vicinity of its blooming face in fact
Hazy exhaustion and compact hope were in react

It’s heard, a margin line has been penciled in
Between mixed gloom and glow so late
It’s heard, amid feet and goal a union has been
Matured and glued with that of a blending pin

The edict of pain stricken hath changed a lot
Thinking legitimate the union of mate
Andthe torment of parting ill gotten and rot
As they are ready to untie dawn’s murky knot

Eyes‘ Craving and the pangs of heart and soul
All labors stay futile to make them elate
From where Zephyr’s effigy entered the hole
Of hope and had its exit without a specific role

Still the harbinger is unable to pay a least care
Of all stricken followers‘ fate
Still promising Dawn is vague seems to be rare
Still fading darkness haunts and night is not fair

Tis not the occasion to spare baffled heart and
Fretful eyes from anxiety’s blazing grate
Go on with eager spirits by holding hand in hand
‘Tis not the goal but very near is the specific land

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