Darkness Envelops

I’ve grown too tired to even try,
I don’t know why, but wish I could die.
I just want to be all alone,
No matter what I feel I have no home.
No Love can I find anywhere,
All that seems to greet me is despair.
I just want this pain to end,
Going to break so no way can I bend.
I have no fight left in my heart,
Just pain that seems to rip apart.
Those I thought cared,
Have all but disappeared.
This torment follows me no matter where I go,
I guess the seeds I’ve reaped are the ones I sow.
It will not matter if I die,
It’s not like anyone will care to cry.
If I do choose to give up this fight,
With it will die all those thoughts of spite.
The world would be a far better place,
If I go ahead and drop out of this race.
I have no feelings of remorse or regret,
Just the hope that I’ll be easy to forget.
For when I’m gone from this space,
I’ll leave the world a better place.

Submitted By: David Bales

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