Loneliness Abounds

The strength of my heart has failed,
All my hope and dreams have sailed.
There’s nothing here for me anymore,
This is just too much for me to endure.
There’s too much pain in my life,
Everyday it’s just stress and strife.
I care for people, who don’t care for me,
Things I hope for were never meant to be.
It’s crushing to the spirit to live this way,
Felling more invisible each and every day.
I’m like everyone else I have hopes and dreams,
But like all others the universe doesn’t care it seems.
To afraid I annoy all those around,
Like my voice is just the most horrible sound.
Most of my friends have all ran away,
Scared the ones still here will decide not to stay.
Hate all these feeling of grief and despair,
Just need someone in my life who would really care.
It would be nice for someone to look longingly at me,
Someone to want me and like what they see.
But my loneliness grows every day,
So in this sorrow is where I must stay.

Submitted By: David Bales

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