What does it mean to be a man

What does it mean to be a man,
To take the pain then take a stand
Or never show an ounce of fear,
God forbid you leak a tear
To be so stubborn and obnoxious,
To drink all night and not get nauseas
To go work and bring home the bacon,
To have some skills like the guy in “Taken”
To play a game of catch with your son,
Well my father must of missed that one
Actually he missed much more,
I have a question “Why’d you leave me for?”
Was it cuz I made a mess or spilled grape juice on mom’s dress,
Or maybe cuz I forgot my chores, I swear to god I’ll sweep the floors
You cant lie now I can see,
truth is that it wasn’t me
You didn’t want to be tied down,
so you left me with this frown
The lies you tell yourself at night,
for 18 years your out of sight
what does it mean to be a man?,
if you can’t tell me then who can?

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