Just because | Friendship Poems


Today is not a holiday
It isn’t even your birthday
But i still thought i’d like to send
A special message to my friend

You make me laugh and make me smile
You ease my troubles for a while
When clouds are thick and skies are grey
You put some sunshine in my day

You’re really thoughtful sweet and kind
A friend like you is hard to find
I know i’ve told you once or twice
That i think you are very nice

But someone who’s as great as you
Should be told more often than i do
Ans so i send these words with love
Why did i send them?… Just because!!

Mohabbat Yoon Nahi Hoti

Suno !!

Mohabbat Yoon Nahi Hoti

Kisi Ka Naam Lene Se
Kisi Ko Thaam Lene Se
Kisi Ke Paas Jaane Se
Kisi Ke Door Jane Se

Mohabbat Ka Janam Nahi Hota
Jab Tak Dilo’n Ka Milan Nahi Hota

Suno !!
Mohabbat Yoon Nahi Hoti

Ye Raabta Hai Dil Se Dil Ka
Ye Naam Hai Be.tarteeb Dharkanoun Ka
Mohabbat Tou Aankhon Se Bayan Hoti Hai
Ye Tou Dil Ki Zubaan Hoti Hai

Suno !!
Mohabbat Yoon Nahi Hoti…*

Submitted By: SanWaL MAhI

Love can make you cry


Only love can heart your heart,
fill you with desire and tear you apart.
Only love can make you cry,
and only love knows why.

If you’re not ready to cry,
If you’re not ready to take the risk,
If you’re not ready to feel the pain,
Then you’re not ready to fall in love…

My Heart – Love it with all you’ve got

Take my heart- it’s yours
Do with it as you please
Break it if that’s what you want
Burn it if that’s what you need

Treasure it if that’s what you desire
Hide it away, if that’s what makes you happy
Lock it up, it’ll always be there

Drop it in a puddle, the rain will wash it away,
Toss it in the garbage, it’ll rot away,
Love it with all you’ve got and I’ll love you with all I’ve got